Recap of WiFly Nomads: Bali 2017

Here's what just went down on the first WiFly Program...

A few weeks ago we wrapped up our very first WiFly Nomads program and it was a successful, inspirational two weeks where participants dove into the digital nomad lifestyle. So what really went down over the last few weeks?

Pre-Bali (Two Weeks in Advance)
Before the participants even arrived, we had 1:1 sessions with each of them to get clear on their goals and the direction they were interested in heading while on the program. This was then followed by a group call where everyone got a chance to meet via a live online video call, where we also prepped participants for their departure.


Week One: How to Start a Business/Get Started as a Freelancer

Location: Ubud, Bali
Guest Speakers: Daniel DiPiazza... straight from Los Angeles!

Day 1: Arrivals/Airport Pickups

Imran and I spent about 30 hours going back and forth from the airport. Let me tell you, there is a secret art and community to the to airport pickup in Bali. We started with picking up our guest speaker Daniel DiPiazza and his girlfriend Sara at 3pm on Saturday, from there the arrivals continued until late Sunday. Each participant got a little snack bag, water, and sim card on arrival - because instagrammnig that shit on arrival is important - haha, kidding!

During this time participants had a chance to explore the iconic Ubud - know for its rice terraces and the random monkey sightings. The group immediately connected and we're planning outings and dinners together while everyone arrived throughout the day. Keep in mind, this wasn't the first time they met. We had a live group call before we left to help everyone prepare for their departure and get to know each other a little bit more before arrival.

Left to Right: Seto, Imran, Kate, Sohail and Sarah

Left to Right: Seto, Imran, Kate, Sohail and Sarah

Left to Right: Rhami, Amira, Imran, Kate, and Melannie

Left to Right: Rhami, Amira, Imran, Kate, and Melannie

Day 2: Orientation

Scooter Lessons: We started the morning learning how to drive scooters HAHA. This was a new experience for many and quite entertaining for the locals... I don't know if they were more scared or entertained LOL. Everyone enjoyed the experience and luckily we had a backup driver for those that didn't pick up how to scoot around right away.

Diane and Akina learning how to scoot!

Diane and Akina learning how to scoot!

After our scooter lessons it was off to the co-working space to start their digital nomad journey! 


CoWorking Space Tour/Lunch with Digital Nomads: After that, we toured OutPost Asia Coworking Space. The group immediately connected with local digital nomads living in Bali over lunch and were inspired by just how 'real' this lifestyle is and just how diverse in age the community was. 

Orientation: From there the group had their orientation. We shared the low-down on Bali, where to go, cultural customs etc so that everyone could start feeling comfortable in their new home. From there we got deep into understanding what brought us together and why we were here to make this big life change. Yup, all the feels, and some more group bonding.


Mindset & Success Habits Workshops: Afterwards we dove into daily success habits and strategies to set up participants up for success. We covered how to master your mindset and what the most successful people do to live lives beyond the ordinary so that our participants could start implementing these techniques right away.

Yoga: After a day or familiarizing with our new home and getting to know each other, we headed off to our first Yoga class - because when in Bali... The session was a great way to wind down and relax.


Dinner: After this, the group went out for some dinner. That jet lag hit everyone pretty hard that first week, so among the busy days, we were balancing the timezone change #digitalnomadproblems. 

Day 3: Daniel DiPiazza Training Session On Starting a Business

Training Session: On our second day we dove right into everything... and the group finally got to meet the legend, Daniel DiPiazza! This workshop at the coworking space was focused on starting a brand/business. We got clear on what participants actually wanted to do, validating their business idea. The group worked together to brainstorm, share ideas and give feedback.


Intimate Group Lunch with Daniel: Then, we had an intimate lunch with Daniel DiPiazza where the insightful conversations continued. The group learned more about Daniel and he shared more about his journey to becoming building successful businesses and how he's grown and developed as a person. Everyone had a chance to pick Daniel's brain and ask their own questions. Let's just remember that 'Dinners with Daniel' usually go for $500, but this was a priceless lunch. We then dove back into getting their businesses on track throughout the second part of the day. This was a LONG day.



Of course after their first day in paradise and having an intimate lunch getting to know Daniel, the group was inspired, ready to tackle what was to come for the rest of the two weeks ahead...


Marketing Networking Event: Once we wrapped up our training session for the day, we attended a marketing event at the Outpost coworking space, which was another chance for participants to hear from other experienced digital nomads and network.

We covered a lot and by the end of the day, I think everyone was ready for bed, while also feeling motivated and determined for what's to come in their journey.

Day 4: Excursion Day

The previous day was a long day - mentally. The group had a lot to process and take in as they dove right into things so we took a 'break day' using the entire day to explore beautiful Ubud.

We explored the rice terraces, temples, Monkey Forest, had a group lunch and then wrapped the day up at a beautiful waterfall. 


Day 5: Training/ One on One Sessions with Daniel DiPiazza and Digital Nomad Network Event

Incomes Streams/Monetizing your Ideas Workshop with Daniel: During Day 5 participants dove further into their training session of business planning and fundamentals. During this session, we learned the various ways participants could monetize their ideas and the various revenue streams they could use as they build their business.

Business Fundamentals Workshop: We then dove into overall business strategy and planning. Participants learned and then mapped out their overall business. From gaining clarity on who their ideal customer is, to revenue streams, costs and more.

One on One Sessions with Daniel: The most exciting part of this day was the 1:1 sessions that participants had with Daniel DiPiazza. Each participant had a chance to share their ideas and get personalized feedback from Daniel. Daniel went above and beyond to deliver to our participants. One of our participants is even set to meet Daniel again in LA for a photo shoot. Because of the intimate size of the group, Daniel was able to get to know participants on a first name basis and have a deep understanding of their business and was able to give specific guidance in terms of the direction to head. We wrapped our session up with a mini photo shoot with Daniel, and as you can tell from the photos, Daniel is quite the funny guy! Not only smart and talented but he kept the energy up with humour!


'Fuck up Nights' Networking Event: Afterwards, the group headed to Hubud's 'Fuck Up Nights'. This was a great networking event where all the digital nomads in the area came together to listen to other nomads/entrepreneurs stories of their 'fuck ups' in life and business. The life lessons shared were invaluable, humorous, and meaningful. Afterwards, we stuck around to network more with the digital nomads in the area.


Day 6: Yoga, Business Fundamentals, and Tools & Technology

Business Fundamentals Workshop And Implementation:
Today was all about taking action! We started day six finishing up the Business Fundamentals workshop and then worked on implementing what we learned so that by the end of the day participants were clear on all aspects of their business - from revenue streams, unique selling proposition, who their target market was and more. We covered all areas of the business model so that participants knew exactly what their business was, what their goals were and where they wanted to head. We also helped participants get clear on what their immediate next steps should be to make their business a reality, and for the majority of the day, participants worked on implementing their next steps.

Tools & Technology Workshop: Our participants got an understanding of what their business was and what they needed to do for next steps. But as for most online businesses, they needed to know HOW to go about all this and a big part of the how you implement it is with the various tools and technologies required to run an online business. We've covered everything from getting a website up, automating emails, landing pages, sales, marketing analytics, social media scheduling, project management, security, communication, design, outsourcing etc.

Week Two SummarY: How to Land a Remote Job & Lifestyle Skills

Location: Canggu, Bali
Guest Speakers:

  • Human Resources/ Remote Teams by Automattic

  • Digital Nomad Legalities by Nomad at Law

  • Taxes for Digital Nomads by Online Taxman

Day 7: Move to Canggu and Excursion Day

Move to New Town: Today we packed up from our home in Ubud and moved to Canggu, another town in Bali. Canggu is known for its chill surf vibe - yes, that means we spent a week by the ocean!

Explore: Once we arrived, everyone had a chance to unpack and explore their new home before we headed off to our next excursion.


Excursion: Once everyone had a chance to settled in, we set off for our next tour. We explored Uluwatu Temple at sunset which is a temple on the edge of a seaside cliff, then we attended the cultural Kecak Fire Dance show and then went to enjoy dinner on the beach (literally). If it wasn't perfect enough, randomly fireworks started going off - pure magic.

Day 8: Co-working Space Tours and Workshops

Co-working Spaces Tour: We started our day off at our new co-working spaces. The first one is equipped with a pool, and just a short walk from the beach, here our group met and connected with even more digital nomads. Then we headed over to our other co-working space for our daily workshops. Again, this space was just a short distance from another popular beach here in Canggu, with a beautiful rooftop view of the rice terraces.


Sales Workshop: We kicked our day off with a workshop on sales, because a business isn't a business unless it's making money. We covered the tips and techniques, including the psychology behind selling. We then prepped participants for making their first pitch!


Time Management & Planning Workshop: This workshop covered an underrated, but critical skill to success that many struggle with. Being a digital nomad and entrepreneur requires you to properly manage your time. You need to understand how to break down your days so you can reach your goals and targets. In this workshop, we uncovered the strategies for planning big pictures and how to break that down into smaller, actionable steps. We also taught the group how to stay focused and productive when your mind seems to be going in a million different directions with a massive 'to do' list.


Digital Nomad Legalities Workshop: We wrapped our day off with our guest speaker, Ben Lambert, from Nomad at Law, who explained to the group what they needed to know about the legalities of living and running a business while abroad.

Day 9: Lifestyle Workshops & Networking Dinner

Destination Planning Workshop: In this workshop, we covered getting clear on what exactly our perfect day as a digital nomad looks like to really help participants get clear on their goals. From there we looked at the critical elements to consider when selecting a country as a digital nomad (they are different from normal places you travel to), we provided some resources where our group can find critical information when destination planning, we looked at popular digital nomad destinations and then had our group get to action determining where they would want to go as a digital nomad and research if the location is a good fit based on what they learned and using the resources we provided.


Budgeting Workshop: Next we looked at how much it costs to live this digital nomad lifestyle, helping participants plan for their own budget. We shared actual digital nomads budget samples and provide a worksheet for participants so they could create their own budget. We reviewed all the costs they need to consider to make their budget as realistic as possible.


Digital Nomad Logistics Workshop: Finally, we looked at the logistics of living this lifestyle. We covered everything from flight hacks, managing mail abroad, digital nomad packing lists and more.

Remote Work Workshop: Next we looked at how to actually work remotely. From how to hold a proper remote work call (because you don't want to be this guy from the BBC), to how to effectively and efficiently manage timezones, to how to always find good and reliable internet abroad, staying productive abroad (and especially when you're living only two seconds from a beach... talk about tempting), maintaining balance, how to integrate into a new country when making a life transition, mindset challenges and how to overcome them and more.


Digital Nomad Networking Dinner: After our workshops for the day, we headed over to a networking dinner with the local digital nomads from our co-working space. This was a great opportunity for participants to mix and mingle and learn from established digital nomads.


Day 10: Yoga and Remote Job Workshops

Yoga: We started our morning off with some yoga - it's all about balance, right?

Finding a Remote Job Workshop: Here we uncovered popular career paths, where to look and find legitimate remote jobs, the skills needed to succeed, how much you can expect to make as a remote employee, how to determine which remote job is best suited for you, best practices (and rookie mistakes) for landing a remote job, and how you can increase your odds at landing a remote job with a few strategies.

Remote Job Resume Workshop: Next we looked at how to craft the perfect remote-specific resume and helped participants understand the critical differences between successful candidates and unsuccessful ones. Then, they got to it, crafting their resume! 


How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Work Remotely Workshop: Next we looked at how you can convince your boss to let you work remotely. This is a very sensitive topic and to get even the most stubborn companies on board, it's important to follow a specific strategy in how you approach it and go about this. Then, we covered what to do once you're approved (or not approved), and how to plan your timeline to making this a reality.

Day 11: Yoga and Full Day of Workshops (Creating a Dream Team of People to Help you Succeed) and Tax Workshop Guest Speaker

Winners Circle Workshop: In this workshop, we uncovered what type of inner circle it takes to succeed and how to create a crew that 'gets you' and will help take you to the top. It's not just about finding people to take you to the top though, it's about how you find people that 'get you' and are wanting to level up in their life and/or are where you already want to be in life.

Networking Workshop: Networking can sometimes feel "icky" or "salesy". In this workshop, we uncover how to properly networking with the right people, how to gain confidence when connecting with anyone, and how to make it come more natural so people don't feel like they're being sold to.


Mentoring Workshop: In this workshop, we explore how you can get mentors that seem far out of reach, exploring tips and strategies for getting mentors invested and interested in you.

Yoga: We then took a nice break to clear our mind, stretch out and exercise with some yoga.

Digital Nomad Tax Workshop: We wrapped up our day with our guest speaker who explained how taxes work, specific to digital nomads. Everything from visa, to registering a business and more!

Day 12: ACTION!, Coaching, Digital Nomad Game Plan Workshop, and Yoga

Taking Action & 1:1 Coaching: We spent our morning working on the participants resumes and businesses. During this time the group got 1:1 support, feedback and coaching from Imran and Kate. This helped participants gain clarity, stay on track and determine their specific action items for moving forward.

Digital Nomad Game Plan Workshop: During this workshop participants got clear on when their digital nomad lifestyle would become a reality. With our strategic plan and resource, participants mapped out and planned big picture visions, all the way to what they specifically need to be doing in the meantime to become a digital nomad.

Yoga: Again, we ended our day clearing our minds and bodies with some yoga!


Day 13: Reintegrating Back Home & Rooftop Farewell Dinner

Reintegration Discussion & Exercises: The participants just had their eyes opened to a whole new way of living. The reality is, that these life transitions take time and many of our participants had to return home as they continued to work on their businesses. During this session, the group came together to discuss their fears, what to expect returning home, how to overcome the challenges of returning home, and how to prepare for what's next so that they stay on track to achieving their goals.

We wrapped up the session on the beach, with a few exercises to help the participants with their mindset upon returning home.

Rooftop Farewell Dinner: We wrapped up our journey with a farewell dinner on a rooftop, overlooking the town of Canggu, equipped with a view of the ocean and rooftop pool of course ;) It was a great way for us to celebrate the last two weeks of intensive, hard work, and spend one last time together as a global community from around the world, before returning home.


Day 14: Departure Day

One by one the participants took off to head home or onwards in their travel journeys! It was hard to say goodbye but the group had created a really strong sense of community and are still in touch often. That being said, the program hasn't stopped there and continues post-Bali. Here's what our post-Bali program looks like (all included in the program fee). 

What's Next?

1:1 Coaching Sessions: Imran and I continue to guide and support participants to make sure they are on track to achieving their goals, while also helping with any blocks they may be facing. Each participant gets x4 sessions with us over the course of the next two months. This is time dedicated solely to them and their business.

Mastermind Meetings: We meet as a group once a month, for two months, for our virtual mastermind meeting. This is a chance for all participants to come together to brainstorm, get feedback, share what they've learned on their journey so far and celebrate their wins. It's also a chance to not only have a supportive environment, but a chance to have a group of people dedicated to hearing you out and helping you, and vice versa. 


Accountability Groups: The group has accountability teams that will meet once a week to go over their goals, and get help with any blocks or challenges they face. The accountability groups last two months, so that participants can learn how they can use each other to continue moving forward once the program officially wraps up. We guide participants so they know how to properly plan their goals and so that they know how to navigate and lead the session, coming away from their meeting with a clear understanding of their action items for the following week. 

What did the Participants Think?

The feedback from the program so far has been incredible! Just see for yourself...


We'll be releasing more details about the results of the program so be sure to subscribe to find out what the participants thought, how they're progressing and more! 

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