WiFly Nomads Feedback Results Sept 2017


This Sept we launched our first program in Bali, Indonesia! The program was a huge success and we're excited to soon be announcing the release of our 2018 programs. When our program wrapped up, we wanted some real and honest feedback from participants for two reasons:

1) To continue to improve as a program.
2) To share more concrete results of the program with others and use it as a benchmark in how we improve program after program.

That's why we decided to send out a feedback survey where all questions were answered anonymously so that participants could answer as open and honestly as possible.

Today, we're excited to share some of those results with you!

100% of participants would recommend WiFly Nomads.

Participants we're then asked, "Please let us know why you would or would not recommend WiFly Nomads?"

  • Amazing experience unlike any other to get a taste of the remote life experience while learning valuable skills. Also the best part is meeting the other participants who are now friends for life.

  • I would recommend the program because I experienced firsthand the positive effect it had on me. While there are areas for improvement, I gained a lot out of being in Bali with this amazing group of people. You simply cannot create the same experience from an online course.
  • I would recommend it to people who feel stuck or are wanting to explore new things.
  • I believe this program is very beneficial to people who want to explore more about the digital nomad lifestyle and even starting their own business, so I would definitely recommend it to people.
  • good meet a bunch of different person to learn together being digital nomad
  • I would definitely recommend WiFly to anyone who is feeling stuck in their life or their career and wants to take a big step to build a new future for themselves.
  • It helped me grow professionally and most importantly spiritually in ways I could not have done on my own.
  • It's a great experience for anyone wanting to transition into this type of lifestyle.

100% of participant believe WiFly Nomads increased their confidence in becoming a digital nomad.

7 out of 8 participants believe that the knowledge and experience of WiFly Nomads has helped accelerate their journey to becoming a digital nomad

8.8/10 average rating of the overall WiFly Nomads Experience

8/10 avg. rating on the quality of information they learned

9/10 avg. rating on the interactiveness of the program

7.3/10 avg. rating on the personalization/customization of the program

9.8/10 avg. rating on liking Bali as a location

7 out of 8 participants believe WiFly Nomads would NOT be as impactful/valuable as an online course

Note: We believed this to be true originally, which is why WiFly Nomads was created as an immersive program, opposed to an online course, but we wanted to ask participants afterwards and get their input.

How Would You Rate the Accommodation?

100% of participants opted for standard accommodation, instead of the premium or book your own accommodation. Here are their ratings on the accommodation.

  • 81% rated it Excellent, Very Good, or Good
  • 19% rated it fair
  • 0% rated it poor

9.6/10 rating of their interaction with Kate

Participants were then asked, "Any specific thoughts or feedback with Kate? Her strengths, areas for improvement etc?"

Amazing! Kate, I feel like we became such good friends during this experience. You were so attentive to everyone's needs and that really set you apart. Trust me, it did not go unnoticed and every participant caught onto that. You were also great at listening and responding to the feedback being delivered. You were adaptable and that also helped with running a successful program. Just remember to always add value to the participants (not that you're not doing that!), whether current or alumni. This will keep people coming and help build a positive reputation for WiFly Nomads.

Kate has some great advice because she has personal experience not only on transitioning to a digital nomad but also starting a business. She's also very genuine and passionate about the participant's ideas.

Kate handled every question and situation with poise and was truly dedicated to making sure Bali was a positive experience.

8.8/10 rating with their interaction with Imran

Participants were then asked, "Any specific thoughts or feedback with Imran? His strengths, areas for improvement etc?"

Imran, you legend! It was so great having you on the program. I think you worked well with Kate and the two of you helped to balance each other out. I really liked how while you were helping to run the program, you also spent time with the participants and just hung out (Kate too!). You're very easy going and personable which are obviously great qualities to have. Just continue to have that positive spirit!

Imran had great advice on the more technical aspects of getting clients and reaching out to people

Please add any other comments here. What you liked, what could be improved, general thoughts and feedback.

  • Please keep the scooters!
  • You guys are amazing! Keep going! :)

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