How Sarah Quit Her 9-5 to Work Remotely

Meet our Alumni Sarah, Who Successfully Started Working Remotely After Joining WiFly Nomads

Sarah quit her 9-5 in marketing just a few months before WiFly Nomads to pursue her digital nomad lifestyle. Prior to WiFly she was freelancing in writing and graphic design, while also teaching ESL online.

After joining WiFly Nomads, Sarah successfully transition to a Writer & Content Marketing Specialist. She also moved to Bali with fellow WiFly Nomads Alumni, Akina and is currently traveling around Thailand.


Sarah’s Experience on WiFly Nomads

Learn how Sarah was able to move to Bali with fellow Alumni, Akina, what she thought about the WiFly Nomads program and a personal reflection of her time in Bali on her blog on Medium.


I feel so much more confident in my ability to find a job, and find clients, and build this whole lifestyle… There are so many blogs and articles about working remotely and anyone can go and read it… but… it’s a totally different experience when you’re actually here. The biggest thing I’ve learn is to just take a leap of faith. I came here with no job and it seemed like, ‘Why would I go here and spend so much money?..’. but it’s totally worth the investment.

Why Sarah Joined WiFly Nomads


“I decided my future was very important to me, so I left that role. Other programs that I looked at catered more to established remote workers and were less about teaching you how to work remotely. I [was] most excited about meeting like-minded people. I think there are a lot of skeptics who don't really understand or take your goals seriously. I [was] excited to learn from people who have actually made it happen for themselves and to learn from people who [were[ in the same situation as me and are just looking for the right tools."

Video: Why Sarah decided to join WiFly Nomads

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Sarah Aboulhosn is a freelance writer and marketing specialist passionate about design, travel, and technology. She helps creative organizations improve their visual identities, marketing strategies, and grow their online presence. Her experience in marketing, writing, and graphic design gives a unique edge that has allowed her to create unique and engaging content for the travel, design, architecture, and tech industries. Find out how you can work with Sarah at

You can also connect with her on LinkedIn or Instagram