Participant Profile: Rhami - From Government Employee to Traveling Entrepreneur

Recently, I interviewed our past WiFly Nomads participant, Rhami, LIVE, in The Grind to Greatness Facebook Group. During the interview, Rhami reflects on how he went from working a corporate job for the Canadian government to living in San Diego as an entrepreneur and digital nomad.

On this interview Rhami shares

  • The factors that were critical to his success
  • How he overcame mindset barriers and becoming his own worst enemy
  • What he's been most surprised to learn in his journey
  • His tips for networking (hint: it relates to talking to girls LOL)
  • The most valuable thing he took away from WiFly Nomads
  • His view on what people underestimate when trying to transition to this lifestyle
  • What he believes aspiring nomads need to focus LESS on and what they need to focus MORE on
  • How he went from semi-pro football player to digital nomad
  • His journey to developing his skill set as a developer
  • How he landed a remote contracting role at sports media agency, which makes websites for pro sports teams in the NFL, MBA, and MLB
  • His podcast launch with a few other participants

You can reach Rhami for web development and marketing services here and to listen to his podcast here.

Audio REcording

Are podcasts more your style? You can download the audio recording here.

Rhami's Background

Rhami was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada from a Middle Eastern family. Growing up he was a self-admitted model student and always loved playing sports, especially football and hockey....however he always had what he would call a disdain for rules.

After graduating from university as an Electrical Engineer and working in the field for a few years, he quickly realized engineering wasn’t for him. More importantly he also realized that the 9-5 lifestyle was not meant for him and that he had the spirit of an entrepreneur. Building upon his childhood passion of web design, he went back to school and earned another degree in Web Development which he used to land a job as a Web Developer and also start a Design Agency, Arch Co Web Design

After 5 years of working as a Web Developer in a 9-5 capacity, he had enough. He couldn’t handle the monotony of this lifestyle and something was telling him there was more to life. This past August he quit his job and booked a one-way ticket to Madrid and that’s where the journey began.

After travelling around Europe, he made his way to Bali for the WiFly Nomads program which has changed his life.

He met some amazing people that will be friends for life and started a motivational podcast, Drunken Nomads, to inspire others to live their best life and, more importantly, has helped him kickstart his Web Development business which he is working on full-time now.

He now wakes up and is excited to start living every single day!