Refer and Earn.

The easiest $250 you've ever made.

We're all about sharing the love and rewarding those who support the WiFly Nomads movement. For every person you refer that gets accepted into WiFly Nomads, you'll get $250. No strings attached. Simply refer and earn.

Want to earn even more? Become a WiFly Nomads participant. Exisiting WiFly Nomads participants get $300 for each successful referral.

Step 1: Submit your email address so we know who to send the money to.

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Step 2: Tell your friends to include your name as 'referrer' in the application form.

Step 3: If your friend successfully gets accepted, you'll get $250 straight into your bank account as soon as they submit their deposit.


Do you have to be a WiFly Nomad participant to earn? Nope. We think everyone deserves to be rewarded for sharing the WiFly Nomads message.

Can WiFly Nomad participants refer and earn too? Absolutely. We love our participants. They truly believe in us and we want to reward them for that. That's why every WiFly Nomads participant earns $300 for every successful referral.

Terms & Conditions

  1.  Get $250 USD in cash, via bank transfer or Paypal, once the person you referred gets accepted to the program and submits their downpayment. This means you'll need to provide payment details so we know where to send the money.
  2. You can refer as many people as you like. That means you can make $1000 simply by referring 4 people who make it into the program. 
  3. Applicants can only submit one referrer. If you submit more than one referrer, the referral award will go to the first referrer. 
  4. Applies to new customers only. You can't earn referral points for someone who is already accepted into or on the program.