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Group Coaching Session w/ Christine Conforti

This Event is Now CLOSED

About the Event

We’re very excited to bring to you a new twist to our meet-up series: a group coaching session with Lifestyle Coach and nomad entrepreneur, Christine Conforti. This WiFly Nomads special will evolve your mindset into believing your ideal remote lifestyle is possible, and help you break it down into actionable steps to make it your reality.

Who Should Attend

Aspiring digital nomads who are feeling stuck about their transition to becoming a digital nomad.


Date: Thursday February 16th, 12pm EST | 9am PST

What to Expect

  • Real-time deep coaching on the fears and limiting beliefs holding you back from making a massive lifestyle change.
  • Permission to feel scared and do it anyway.
  • Practical advice on how to get buy-in from your boss, family and friends.

How to Prepare

Take a first pass at it informally (before you sleep, in the shower, on a walk, etc.). Then, when your mind is calm and relaxed, sit in a comfortable place and follow whatever comes up first as you start to write. This is meant to tap into your intuition. There is no one right way to answer them.

All answers will be kept confidential between Christine and WiFly Nomads, and are intended to give us a deeper understanding and where/why you’re stuck in the decision to go remote.

IMPORTANT: This is a very personalized experience. We can't provide you with value if we don't understand your situation. This is why the questionnaire is so important. The link to join this event will only be sent to those who complete the questionnaire. 

What to Bring

A journal, pen, and an offline version of your reflection responses. You will also be able to access you responses after you complete the survey.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is an awareness building process based on inquiry (questions) designed to uncover your limiting beliefs and non-obvious desires.  It fuels transformation by framing dreams, challenges and situations from a different perspective--  the one that serves what you want to do, not what you think you “should” do.

Growing and expanding only happens outside of your comfort zone. Thus, coaching may feel like signing up for an uncomfortable conversation. Deep coaching conversations uncover persistent stories and mindsets that have been holding you back and challenges you to take on a new mindset that better serves your goals.

The coaching process is used in a variety of situations-- from business to relationships to health-- to help you reflect, intentionally listening to your thoughts and feelings, and ultimately help you make decisions from your intuition rather than external pressures and expectations.

About Christine (in her own words)

It’s hard to put me in a box, including one location. Pioneering the digital nomad lifestyle since 2013, I broadcast my coaching, writing and business building from various sleepy beach towns across the world. Most days include speaking a foreign language, dancing, yoga, and cooking.

My work stems from a fascination with human nature. Beyond coaching, I’m authoring an upcoming book by the title "Be SUPER Human" on 8 simple lifestyle habits that helped me create the energy, clarity and confidence to live this wildly free lifestyle.

Before going fully remote (which took a ton of my own coaching support and willingness to fail), I graduated Georgetown University with a BS in International Politics and the University of Miami with a MA in Education and Social Change. I’m a Teach For America Miami-Dade alumna, former United Nations Global Compact Consultant, and trained Mindfulness Facilitator for the Hawn Foundation.

Agreements for the Session

By attending the session, you agree to the following, which are the ingredients that set apart this coaching experience from other meet-up calls. They are critical to creating a confidential, non-judgemental space for your growth:

  • Confidentiality: We agree to keep what we discuss during our coaching confidential.

  • Be Present: We agree to be fully present in the conversation.  To set us up for success, we agree to do our best to limit digital distraction (ie. put phone on airplane mode, close out other tabs on laptop). We agree that our collective energy affects other participants, as well as our capacity to listen and receive new insights.
  • Curiosity: We agree to get curious about ever thought, feeling and situation that is brought into the conversation.  We agree to explore and dissect each situation non-judgmentally-- both what we share personally and hear from others. We agree to consciously leave out judgement words such as "good","bad" and "should" from our vocabulary, and call ourselves out when they slip in.
  • Vulnerability: We agree to co-create a powerful coaching experience by showing up vulnerably-- that is, being completely real and honest in what we’re feeling and thinking at every stage. The more vulnerable you’re willing to go, the more insights and ideas you’ll receive from the process. We agree to do our best to be fully authentic and transparent, and to notice when we are holding back or have reached our limit of telling the truth.
  • Communication: We understand that you can ask for the coaching intensity to be higher or lower at any time. Given that the magic of coaching comes from not always knowing when it is time for high-intensity or low-intensity coaching, we agree to trust when the coach takes risks. We also agree you will consistently communicate your feelings and needs to ensure the coaching experience is meeting your needs.
  • Love: We agree to come from a place of love-- both self-love, love for the other players in our lives, and love for other participants on the call. We agree to tell on ourselves when we are coming from fear instead of love. We agree to acknowledge the loving choice we always have in front of us for any given situation, and to do our best to choose it whenever possible.
  • Faith: We agree to have faith in an energy outside of ourselves that is ultimately supporting us to create the happy, fulfilled lives we deserve to live. Part of this coaching experience includes developing your faith muscle by allowing you to experience the power of your thoughts and words.  We agree to believe this support is accessible to us at every moment through listening to our intuition and expressing gratitude.