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Resume Feedback Session

7 pm EST | 4 pm PST | 9 am AEST

Applying for remote jobs but want some feedback on your resume? Come join our resume feedback session to get live feedback from the group on your resume.

How does it work?

Step 1: Register for the session below
Step 2: Update your resume so personal info is replaced with placeholder text. For example:

  • Replace your phone number such as '555-555-5555' with 'xxx-xxx-xxxx'
  • Replace your employers names such as 'Arnold Publishing' with 'Employer Name'
  • Replace dates such as 'Sept 2015' with 'Month xxxx'

Step 3: Send a copy of your resume to In the subject line just write 'resume feedback session' and simply attached your resume.
Step 4: During the call we'll put your resume on the screen and provide live feedback on the spot.