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ben lambert
Managing Attorney, Lambert Legal

Topic: Understanding the legalities of being a digital nomad and operating an business internationally.

Ben travels around the world while running a virtual law firm, Nomad at Law. Ben's legal practice focuses exclusively on digital nomads, freelancers and their related businesses. His work experiences and personal experiences as a digital nomad, provide unique insight and understanding into the challenges digital nomads, freelancers, expats and frequent travellers face. Ben has advised clients from all over the world who are running online businesses or working as freelancers in various other countries around the world.

Ben is also a published journalist, award-wining academic author and also has an LGBT focused travel blog, High Society Hobo, which was featured in the NY Times. Ben has spent over half of the last 10 years outside of the U.S. (his native country) and currently maintains bases in India and Vietnam while traveling around the world. 


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Guest speaker topics include, but are not limited to, startups, freelancing, earning an income remotely, living the digital nomad lifestyle, human resources for remote employment etc. We're looking for the best of the best which means you need to have the credentials, experience, and preferably a prominent online presence.