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The World's First Digital Nomad Training Program

Connect with other like-minded individuals as you create a lifestyle that combines work and travel. Join WiFly Nomads in paradise and start your digital nomad journey.

You have everything to gain.

Earn an Income Remotely Using Your Existing Skills & Passions


Master Your Mindset and Gain Confidence to Start Living a Fulfilling Lifestyle


Gain Clarity, Map a Clear Vision for Your Future and Learn the Exact Steps to Make it a Reality

Imagine... no more cubicles, no more commutes, no more living out the motions of life and not truly living.

Join a global community of like-minded people and learn how to successfully become a digital nomad through a series of workshops and immersive experiences. Get the tools, knowledge, and support to confidently start living a location independent lifestyle.  If you're ready to have the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere in the world then join us on WiFly Nomads.

What Participants Are Saying

"I've already seen that return on investment and we haven't even been here for a week."
- Sohail A. from USA

"Definitely recommend this program and it really did exceed my expectations by tenfold!"

- Akina C. from Guam

"WiFly Nomads was an unbelievable and life-changing experience."

- Rhami from Canada

"Joining WiFly Nomads is one of the best decisions I've made this year."

- Diane Y. from Taiwan

Here’s What Your Time In Bali Looks Like…

"You're gonna get a group of people that will get you, they'll support you. It's an experience that's very different from anything else." - Diane Y. from Taiwan

What You Need to Know

Location: Bali, Indonesia
Duration: 5-day Intensive Experience
Investment: $3,997
300+ applicants to date from 40+ countries
100% of our Participants would Recommend WiFly


"I feel so much more confident. The immersive aspect of it is the most important thing. There are so many blogs and articles about working remotely but it's a totally different experience when you're experiencing it. Just being here in Bali and being totally removed from my life at home... has made it a lot easier. It's definitely worth [the] investment. " - Sarah, Participant


How it Works

With the power of technology (laptops and wifi), you can finally put your lifestyle first and have the freedom and flexibility to earn an income from anywhere in the world. 

On WiFly Nomads, you'll start your lifestyle overhaul and learn how to create a passionate and more fulfilling life for yourself.

On the program you'll:

  • Get the support and expertise of a program to help launch your online business or brand - you don't have to go at it alone

  • Learn how to live the nomadic lifestyle so you can make your ideal lifestyle a reality

  • Focus on both personal and professional development

Who Should Apply

This transformative program has been created for professionals who are:

  • Passionate about breaking free from the 9-5 grind

  • Ready to take control of their life

  • Driven, ambitious and motivated

  • Serious and ready to invest in making their ideal lifestyle a reality

We value and strive to create a group that is diverse - from gender, ethnicity, and professional skill sets. We find when you mix a group of diverse professionals together, powerful things can happen.


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