Meet the alumni that joined WiFly Nomads and learn about their success stories, why they join WiFly Nomads, and how WiFly helped them successfully start working remotely while traveling the world.

Success Story Highlights


Sarah A.

Writer & Content Marketing Specialist

Sarah quit her 9-5 in marketing just a few months before WiFly Nomads to pursue her digital nomad lifestyle. Prior to WiFly she was freelancing in writing and graphic design, while also teaching ESL online. 

After joining WiFly Nomads she now works remotely as a Writer & Content Marketing Specialist. She moved to Bali with fellow WiFly Nomads Alumni, Akina and is currently traveling around Thailand.

Sarah’s Experience on WiFly Nomads

”I feel so much more confident in my ability to find a job, and find clients, and build this whole lifestyle… There are so many blogs and articles about working remotely and anyone can go and read it… but… it’s a totally different experience when you’re actually here. The biggest thing I’ve learn is to just take a leap of faith. I came here with no job and it seemed like, ‘Why would I go here and spend so much money?..’. but it’s totally worth the investment.

Why Sarah Joined WiFly Nomads

“I decided my future was very important to me, so I left that role. Other programs that I looked at catered more to established remote workers and were less about teaching you how to work remotely. I'm most excited about meeting like-minded people. I think there are a lot of skeptics who don't really understand or take your goals seriously. I'm excited to learn from people who have actually made it happen for themselves and to learn from people who are in the same situation as me and are just looking for the right tools." - Sarah

Video: Why Sarah decided to join WiFly Nomads

Interested in Working with Sarah?

Sarah Aboulhosn is a freelance writer and marketing specialist passionate about design, travel, and technology. She helps creative organizations improve their visual identities, marketing strategies, and grow their online presence. Her experience in marketing, writing, and graphic design gives a unique edge that has allowed her to create unique and engaging content for the travel, design, architecture, and tech industries. Find out how you can work with Sarah at

You can also learn more about her on LinkedInInstagram 


Alex M.

Graphic Designer
United States of America

Alex M. is a talented graphic designer who took the leap to going remote after quitting her 9-5. She had signed up for the Remote Year program but needed to secure a remote income in order to join the program. After some unsuccessful attempts trying to secure remote work on her own, she decided to get the support and guidance offered on WiFly Nomads. Within 1-month of completing the WiFly Nomads program Alex secure a part-time role and continues to take on freelance work as well. Some of her clients include Nissan and Girls Inc.

If you’re looking to hire a quality graphic designer, Alex is your girl. You can check out her portfolio website here.

Here’s what Alex had to say about her experience on WiFly Nomads. "WiFly is an incredibly powerful program. The information I learned is invaluable. I highly recommend the program to anyone ready to work from anywhere."

Meet Our Alumni

Diane Y.

"Joining WiFly Nomads is one of the best decisions I've made this year."

Video: Diane’s Shares About Her Experience on WiFly Nomads

Why Diane Joined WiFly Nomads

"I looked through a lot of the similar websites but they only offer a tour. They expect you to already have a remote job - it's not something that I already have so to join something like that I would have to find a job first. So that's when I was looking up WiFly and I noticed that it has a program that actually guides you through the process and I think that's actually something that I need more than just sorting out accommodations and tours." - Diane


Melannie M.

Country: United States

Melannie currently teaches English online and as much as she finds it rewarding, she's looking to take her digital nomad lifestyle to the next level in starting her own business. Melannie isn't short of ideas. Her goal is to prioritize which idea to pursue and to get it off the ground with the help of WiFly Nomads. Melannie's a bubbly person and we know her positive energy will surely be a great addition to the group.


Sohail A.

Country: United States

Sohail is a business Analyst/ScrumMaster and has an incredible blog called The Seasonal Gent where he shows men how to look great at affordable prices. He loves fashion and fitness and if there is a CrossFit around, you'll likely find him there. Be sure to follow his Instagram account to stay up to date on what Sohail is up to.

Fun Fact: Sohail interned at NASA! 

"The most rewarding aspects in my life... it was never the right time to do those things. What attracted me to WiFly was the immersive experience. I know I will be learning from people who have already done what I want to do and who will quite frankly be there to support me as I go through this journey." - Sohail

Want to learn more about Sohail? Watch the video here or read more about him here.


Seto A.

Country: Indonesia

Husband and father of two, Seto join us right in his own background (yes, he's from Indonesia!). Seto currently works in Finance as an Analyst. He's always learning and recently picked up online trading. Seto joins WiFly to find more balance in life while pursuing the digital nomad lifestyle. We're excited to join Seto in his home country!



Akina C.

Country: Guam

Akina joins us from the tiny island of Guam. She studied in San Francisco for a bit before returning home to run a cafe with her mom. She's passionate about telling peoples stories. She has written for Thought Catalog, Elite Daily, Guam Business Magazine and more! Akina stumbled upon the digital lifestyle while on a trip in Bali (ironic right?)

"When we went to Bali we were eating lunch and to my corner I saw this man on his computer with a bottle of beer and just working. So I asked one of the owners, 'Does he work here?' He's like 'Oh, he's a digital nomad'. And since then I was like, 'That's the job I want. That is the lifestyle I want.' The question was always, "How do I start?" so that's where I am right now"

Fun Fact: Akina is bilingual in English and Japanese!

Want to learn more about Akina? Watch her video here.


Rhami A

Country: Canada

Rhami took a leap of faith to live out his dream as a digital nomad by booking a one-way ticket to Spain last August! His journey has taken him to England, Italy, Bali (WiFly Nomads ;) ), Nicaragua and he is currently in sunny California...for now.

Rhami is a Digital Marketing specialist focusing on helping millennials and start-ups grow their brands and hopes to inspire people to live a life they love and do whatever they want to do!
Find out how you can work with him at:

We did a live post-bali interview with Rhami, where you can lean how he went from Government Employee to Entrepreneur traveling the world. Watch his story here.


Amira M.

Country: Brunei

Amira joins us from Brunei. She studied architecture in England but currently works doing data processing. There's no hiding Amira is more of an analytical person, as she enjoys Sudoku and similar puzzles. During the evenings she also studies French. Amira is ready to join WiFly to get out of her comfort zone and create a life with more freedom.

Fun Fact: Amira lived in Nigeria when she was younger.