Your New Lifestyle Awaits

Join an intimate group of professionals from around the world, as we create a new lifestyle filled with passion, purpose and the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world.

A Typical Day

8:30 - 9:00 Breakfast
9:00 - 12:00 Workshop
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch
13:00 - 17:00 Workshops
17:30 - 18:00 Dinner
18:00 - 20:00  Evening Activities, Networking Events or Free Time

Most excursions will take place on the weekend, with some scattered throughout the week. We will also allocate time for breaks to grab snacks, use the restroom etc.

Intensive Training Program Overview

The total duration of the program is 3 months. The program starts 1 month before arriving in Bali via a series of virtual sessions, followed by 2 weeks in Bali, then another 1.5 months of virtual and online training.

Self Guided Course Training Material

Our 18 part online training modules is an online self-guided component of the program that allows you to learn what you need to know, when it's relevant to your business. The training modules are presented as video and include examples and worksheets. The training is divided between three categories.

Becoming a Remote Employee

Successfully become a remote employee with this 6-part series which includes everything from how to find and land a remote job, convincing your boss to let you work remotely, how to create a strong resume specific to remote work, how and where to apply for quality remote jobs and much more! This online series will ensure you're well on your way to landing a remote job - with confidence!

Digital Nomad Lifestyle Skills

Learn the ins and outs of the digital nomad lifestyle so you can confidently start your digital nomad journey. In this series we cover everything you need to know about the logistics of living the digital nomad lifestyle, from planning your first destination, to visas, taxes and more!

Tools & Tech For Beginners

As an entrepreneur you're a 'one-man' show. Our tools & tech training ensures you have the fundamental knowledge to get your business up and running. This 8-part series covers everything from creating your website, building an email list, video editing and more. It covers all the fundamental tool and tech that you need to know to launch, grow and promote your business. 

Bali Workshops

We take the most popular methods of how digital nomads earn an income remotely and immerse participants in each opportunity, having them not only learn, but take action towards making their dream a reality. 

We explore landing a remote job, becoming a freelancer, starting your own personal brand/business, and entrepreneurship. On WiFly Nomads we'll help you pick which avenue to pursue, so not to worry if you don't know which one interests you the most.



Live like a local. You'll enjoy your stay in the comforts of your new home away from home. It's safe, clean, and central to the area so you can easily explore, check out the shops, cafes, restaurants and more.  


  • Explore the Iconic Rice Terraces of Bali
  • Visit the Sacred Temples in Bali
  • Explore the Waterfalls of Bali
  • Yoga classes
  • Mixers with Digital Nomads in the Area
  • Attend a Local Fire Dance Show
  • Sunset Dinner on the Beach 
  • Farewell Dinner 


$4,997 USD. Includes 3 month program fee, 2-weeks Immersive Experience in Bali and more. See what's included here.


  • Small Group Size
  • Support Launching Your Business and Finding a Remote Job
  • Industry Expert Guest Speakers & Mentors


We know all the greatest spots to eat, hang out or catch an epic sunset and now you will too. 

Also Included

  • Airport Pickup/Drop off
  • Welcome Gift Box
  • Breakfast Everyday
  • Local SIM card
  • Scooter Rental
  • Co-working Space Access

Who Should Attend

WiFly Nomads is a program for professionals who are ready to create a more fulfilling and balanced lifestyle that they are passionate about. We take a group of like-minded people, of diverse backgrounds and bring them together for an incredible and impactful experience.

Your New Lifestyle Awaits.