Use the followong resources to help you on your digital nomad journey.


Go Remote Action Plan

This worksheet will help you plan out your action plan towards becoming a digital nomad.

The Cost of a Perfect Digital Nomad Day/Month

The Cost of a Perfect Digital Nomad Day/Month

This worksheet will help you visualize living YOUR perfect day as a digital nomad! This is the same visualisation exercise that top athletes and businessmen/women perform to guarantee their success. After defining your perfect day, you'll use this worksheet to determine how much is this perfect day going to cost you per month? 


Your Social Circle to Success Worksheet

“You are the average of the five people you most associate with”. In this worksheet you'll get clarity on the 5 people you want to be spending the most time with. It also includes a bonus set of guidelines for when you reach out to people who don't know you yet, but that you want in your "circle". Time to level up! Download the worksheet now!


#GoRemoteChallenge Day 3 Worksheet: Connecting the Dots

Need help figuring out what kind of remote job you can do? Download this worksheet to help you plan the remote job that is right for you.

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Remote Job Resume Template

Remote jobs don't operate the same way traditional companies operate, which means your resume for remote jobs will differ from a standard resume. At one of our online events, we reviewed how to create a resume for remote jobs, and took time to peer-review everyones resume. The virtual meetup was a huge success and during it we uncovered some general tips to keep in mind when creating a resume for remote jobs. 

Download this template to help get you well on your way!

Don't forget to check out our blog post, 'How to Create a Resume for Remote Jobs' for more information on what you should include and what you should avoid when creating a resume for remote jobs.