Ready to Reclaim your Freedom?

The Freedom Accelerator

This 12 week group coaching experience is designed to unlock more energy, clarity and confidence to make big lifestyle changes to live and work remotely.

Quitting your job and selling your stuff is simple.

Making big changes is not easy.

Without a mindful approach to transitioning and creating new routines, jumping into a less-structured lifestyle can be lonely and overwhelming.

The Freedom Accelerator will fast-track your inner confidence and save you years of trial and error to create a sustainable flow of meaningful work, while striking the balance of adventure and stability that is right for you.

We’ve already privately coached 100+ freelancers and entrepreneurs to minimize their stress and redefine success to include health, happiness and unique travel experiences. We’re honored to expand our work to groups and make this affordable and accessible to you.


Who is the Coaching Program for?

Whether you want to keep your job and negotiate working from home, expand your freelance or consulting practice, or jump-start your own business idea, The Freedom Accelerator will help you to:

  • Unlock physical and mental energy to fuel your business and/or side projects
  • Create a solid morning routine that magically adds hours to your day
  • Empower yourself to raise your rate, renegotiate contracts, or ask for a raise
  • Connect with clear priorities and values and cut out material things and people that hold you back
  • Feel confident to experiment with business ideas you previously decided were too stupid to try
  • Increase positivity and gratitude for the small pleasures in life available to you right now

You will do all of this in a way that feels natural, fun and contributes to the version of the world you want to live in.


There is no one-size-fits-all approach.

The Freedom Accelerator is intensive and challenging.

Living a lifestyle at odds with our culture’s definition of success takes persistence, faith and a willingness to let go of energy-killing habits (like excessive Netflix, social drinking and amazon shopping). Most of all, it takes consistent practice to connect with your inner guide (your intuition) and groom your confidence through healthy self-care routines.

There is a story of the businessman and the fisherman (presented in various cultural traditions) that questions the purpose of fervent work, fame and wealth when the treasures of life-- in this case, sleeping late, leisurely fishing and laughing with family and friends--are all easily accessible and free right now.

our primary aim is to train you to question your goals and redefine success.

The Freedom Accelerator is for aspiring minimalists and frustrated professionals who value deep relationships and unique experiences over materials things.

I felt the coaching session was grounded in the reality of how perspective and your individual choices really do form your life. I am a big fan of holding oneself accountable for the way your life is, not external circumstances, and I think the coaching session really helped people see that we are truly masters of what we create. Also, from a practical perspective, I got some ideas that I hadn’t considered or know about before. Christine exemplifies what I personally am aspiring to - to have her on the coaching call and hear her perspective was extremely helpful.
— Tracey F.

Everything is personalized and live. No impersonal videos or silver-bullet answers. 

Our goal is to create an intimate experience of connection so that every member feels seen, heard and supported.

Beyond weekly curated conversations, once a month we'll give you chance to ask personalized questions beyond the 9 freedom mindsets. You’ll also be able to seek feedback and develop relationships with other students via a private community group.

All Zoom sessions will be recorded and shared for repeated listening.

Timing of the Program

Live coaching sessions will take place on Fridays @ 12PM EST.

Registration closes June 16th. We officially begin on June 23rd, 2017.

There are 9 weeks of new content, each one covering a building-block to personal and financial freedom.  Each module includes self-coaching exercises and lifestyle challenges for you to implement and experiment with immediately.

You’ll also get one full week of integration at the end of each month where no new topic is introduced.

Once the 12 weeks are complete, you’ll have lifetime access to the recorded coaching sessions and private community for ongoing relationship building and peer support.

Reserve a spot for the intensive coaching series before enrolment sells out.

The Freedom Accelerator- All in

Need a payment plan? No worries, we value flexibility and honor that too.

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All good things are wild and free.


-Henry David Thoreau

Intensive Coaching Series Breakdown:

The habits and mindsets of freedom


Week 1 (ENERGY): Bio-hacks for physical energy and optimizing your brain


  • Clean eating and cooking for optimal energy and creativity
  • Getting honest on alcohol: how does your social habit hold you back?
  • Rest, sleep and slowing down the rat race

Expect to Feel:

  • Rested, energized and motivated
  • Sharper thinking. Eliminate “brain-fog”. Reduced need for caffeine to work and alcohol to “relax”
  • Magical feeling of more hours in the day to progress your business or side projects

Week 2 (CLARITY): Morning Routines for focus + creativity


  • Meditation and journaling
  • Early morning/ late evening digital detox
  • Setting clear workday priorities

Expect to Feel:

  • Clear on what you want more of and what’s not working for you (at work, with clients and/or in relationships)
  • Aware of your deepest fears and biases preventing you from creating more money and freedom
  • Increased gratitude and positivity. Excited by the small pleasures in life available to you right now

Week 3 (CONFIDENCE): Lifestyle First- defining the material things and experiences that make up your ideal life


  • Experiences vs. material things: what matters most
  • Honest accounting of where your money goes
  • Redefining success on your own terms

Expect to Feel:

  • Relieved. Detached from sub-conscious expectations and external pressure
  • Ready to pursue your personal definition of success
  • Possibility.  Confident to execute a plan to work to LIVE - not live to work

Week 4: Integration + Experimentation

Open office-hours. Request coaching on any topic.


Week 5 (ENERGY): Untapped sources of creativity: sex + nature


  • Sexual energy and creative energy
  • Human need for intimacy and connection
  • Nature’s impact on happiness, productivity and creative thinking

Expect to Feel:

  • More connected to lovers, friends and complete strangers in your daily life
  • Less FOMO (fear of missing out). Less stress and obligation to respond immediately to texts and e-mails (social + work)
  • A flood of new ideas. Playful energy to experiment with art and business projects you previously decided were too stupid to try

Week 6 (CLARITY): Feeling-based goals. How do you want to FEEL everyday?


  • Minimizing to-do lists
  • “I should” vs. “I want”
  • Secret passions and interests you’re dying to explore

Expect to Feel:

  • Lighter. Connected to your values and priorities.
  • Empowered to make decisions from a deep, solid place: your intuition
  • Motivated to say NO to things that don’t contribute to feeling free

Week 7 (CONFIDENCE): Money Mindset- creating vs. collecting income


  • Fear of failure and poverty
  • Fear of success and shining too bright
  • Expectations of “success” and wealth

Expect to Feel:

  • Aware of your judgements about money and where you are holding yourself back from receiving it
  • Empowered to raise your rate or ask for a raise
  • Creative and playful to create new opportunities to earn money

Week 8: Integration + Experimentation

Open office-hours. Request coaching on any topic.


Week 9 (ENERGY): Manage energy, not time: GUILT-FREE productivity


  • Owning your true work day: 2-4 hours
  • Time-boxing tasks and e-mail
  • Eliminating distractions: Facebook, text messages and the internet rabbit hole

Expect to Feel:

  • Effective and efficient
  • Progress: accelerated development of income and side projects
  • Focused and in “flow”

Week 10 (CLARITY): the "business" of doing something you LOVE


  • Playing to your strengthens, letting go of weaknesses
  • Joy first, money second
  • Going with the flow: signs you’re in the right business

Expect to Feel:

  • Awareness and gratitude for you strengthens and self-love for your weaknesses
  • Clear on your “WHY” and your ultimate business end-game
  • Motivated to talk to ideal clients/customers and create useful products and services FOR them and WITH them

Week 11 (CONFIDENCE): Minimizing life- collect experiences, not things


  • Taking stock of physical things: what gives you joy and what ties you down?
  • Carry-on lifestyle: how to happily love out of a suitcase
  • Defining your travel pace- where, why and how long

Expect to Feel:

  • Peace from expanded physical space to think and breathe
  • Lighter. Motivated to declutter and ease the process of moving
  • Less stress to earn money to pay for things you don’t actually want or need

Week 12: Integration + Experimentation

Open office-hours. Request coaching on any topic.

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I found [the group coaching] session to be informative, educational and intriguing! Christine obviously has a tremendous amount of experience regarding the Digital Nomad lifestyle. She was able to listen to various participants and provide sound advice and direction to help them get closer to their goals.
— Nick H.

Reserve a spot before THEY sell out.

The Freedom Accelerator- All in

Need a payment plan? No worries, we value flexibility and honor that too.

Who is Leading The Freedom Accelerator?

a partnership between wiflynomads & unbounded lifestyle


Christine Conforti

It’s hard to put me in a box, including one location. Pioneering the digital nomad lifestyle since 2013, I broadcast my coaching, writing and business building from various sleepy beach towns across the world. Most days include speaking a foreign language, dancing, yoga, and cooking.

My work stems from a fascination with human nature. Beyond coaching, I’m authoring an upcoming book entitled "Be SUPER Human", outlining 8 simple lifestyle habits that helped me create the energy, clarity and confidence to live this wildly free lifestyle. That’s exactly what I seek to share with you in this coaching experience.

Before going fully remote (which took a ton of my own coaching support and willingness to fail), I graduated Georgetown University with a BS in International Politics and the University of Miami with a MA in Education and Social Change. I’m a Teach For America Miami-Dade alumna, former United Nations Global Compact Consultant, and trained Mindfulness Facilitator for the Hawn Foundation.

You can read about how I went about being in a New York cubicle into the remote-work world here.

Since then, I’ve coached over 60 nomads from the leading program Remote Year and have worked with 100+  other private clients, from business owners, to coaches to corporate executives.

Along the way, I’ve experimented with numerous online ways to grow my impact, and none of them have felt natural or fun. For me, The Freedom Accelerator is a way to do just that: a place to lead deep conversations about the challenging side of entrepreneurship and world travel with a group of people that will go forth and multiply the positive impact.

Talking about having less in order to experience more is uncommon.  I truly hope you’ll join us in this movement to collect experiences instead of material things.

With love & gratitude,



Kate Smith

After making the great escape from cubicle life, I have been working remotely while traveling the world for over 2-years now. My "offices of the day" have included the beach in Bali, a co-working space in Argentina, a cafe in Prague and poolside in Thailand - just to name a few.

My journey didn't start out so glamorous and the process wasn't easy.

I did as most do and went off to University to get a Business degree. After graduation, I landed a dream job at an advertising agency, right downtown. I had the job. I had the condo. I was exactly where I wanted to be. Well, so I thought. Something was missing. I was burnt out, tired and ultimately - trapped. I was working to live to work to live. At this rate, I knew I'd never see the world again unless it was during my 10 vacation days.

I knew I needed to make a change.

One of the first steps I took was bringing on a coach to help guide me. After 3 months with no luck finding a remote job I booked a one-way ticket to Prague, threw down a $3,000 deposit to join a digital nomad program and shortly after met the other 74 digital nomads that I'd spend a year traveling with. I gave myself a month to figure out the 'landing a remote job' part.

Shortly after I landed my laptop died (the life-line of a digital nomad). All "signs" and "logic" would point to me being irrational, illogical - crazy. But I knew in my heart this lifestyle is what I wanted. Not only that, my mindset was in the right place. Failure was no option. This had to work. 

Leading with your heart and gut always beats logic...

Two weeks later I landed a job doing online marketing (remotely of course). At the same time I launched my travel blog, The Remote Nomad, and after hopping the globe for a year straight, I decided I needed to help more people get started living this lifestyle and that is when I launched WiFly Nomads and starting mentoring aspiring digital nomads.

Mindset, coaching, health & wellness - these were all factors that led me to my path to success. I don't believe I've achieved ultimate success and I'm still a long way from where I want to be. But I know how I made huge strides from where I was before, and I know I'm at a place that many would like to be in life.

Since taking this journey, entrepreneurship and world travel has become not just a part of my life but has become engrained into my lifestyle.

What I love most is those deep and meaningful conversations and connections - the core of what The Freedom Accelerator was created around.

I know that once you get your mindset in the right place and once you connect with and find a support system of people that "get you", people that make you "level up", people that are where you want to be in life - well, it has the power to ignite that spark you feel into a fire. 

Anything is possible. Yes, anything. The only thing stopping us from achieving greatness is ourselves. But when we invest in ourselves and in our future, powerful things can happen. Our dreams start to manifest into reality.

I hope you'll join us for The Freedom Accelerator as we dive deep into a new way of living - a more fulfilling way of living.

With love & gratitude,


True freedom goes beyond “passive income” and “remote work”.

These are simply byproducts of thinking in a limitless, creative way.

Real freedom comes from taking full responsibility to CREATE your dream life.

Boredom is a sign you’ve stopped growing. Fear is a sign you are truly living.

We hope you’ll embrace the challenge, trust the process and believe in yourself to try something different.

Reserve a spot before enrollment sells out.

The Freedom Accelerator- All in

Need a payment plan? No worries, we value flexibility and honor that too.

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