I felt the coaching session was grounded in the reality of how your own individual perspective and choices really do form your life. I am a big fan of holding oneself accountable for the way your life is, not external circumstances, and I think the coaching session really helped people see that we are truly masters of what we create. Also, from a practical perspective, I got some ideas that I hadn’t considered or knew were available before - this is a very big value of group collaboration. I would definitely recommend coaching sessions with Kate and Christine.
— Tracey Forgue
The group coaching session with Kate & Christine was really informative & challenged my present views on how to deal with going about being the CEO of your life & working to live instead of living to work. Christine who has been doing this for a while now shared the right mindset to have along with the resources that help in living life on your own terms. Her discussions with the other participants led me to think that the biggest thing in our way is our own fear and once that is conquered we are really free of the societal conditionings to actually live life.
— Prateek U.
Joe Matta.jpg
Before working with Christine I had a cloudy perspective on what truly motivates me and what direction I wanted to take my life. After only 3 conversations she truly helped me find clarity on what matters most to me and how to start taking steps toward building the life I want. The most amazing part was how she did not dictate what or how that should unfold, but instead guided me toward discovering what that was for myself, on my own terms. Christine has a lot of energy and tons of insight for a young woman, and I would highly recommend her to anyone.
— Joe Matta, Remote Year Alum & Independent Consultant and Entrepreneur
I found [the group coaching] session to be informative, educational and intriguing! Christine obviously has a tremendous amount of experience regarding the Digital Nomad lifestyle. She was able to listen to various participants and provide sound advice and direction to help them get closer to their goals.
— Nick H
You can fall into pivotal moments in life and you can make them. Working with Christine has provided the perspective I needed to redefine my purpose and create a career around a lifestyle I’ve chosen… not the other way around.
— Chris Scott, Remote Year Alum & Founder of Never Mondays
Christine was introduced to me at a pivotal time on my Remote Year journey. I was feeling lost, unsure if I wanted to continue, and confused on what direction to move forward in. She helped to redefine that path, look at situations with a new and fresh perspective and ultimately gain my confidence back to move forward with exploring the business and life opportunities that interest me most. She holds a space for you and challenges you to be your most authentic and true version of yourself which I am forever grateful for.
— Sarah Butler, Remote Year Alum & Freelance Project Manager.